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Peter Kutzer

Peter Kutzer has been a fly-fishing instructor for the Orvis Company for 17 years, and his how-to videos have garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube. He also teaches at the Orvis Fly Fishing School in Manchester, Vermont, as well as at specialty schools around the country and the globe. When he’s not helping others become better casters and anglers, he serves as Orvis’s Endorsed-operations manager, working with fly-fishing guides, guide services, and outfitters. 


Lisa Weiner

Lisa Weiner- Spey Casting North East 

I have always loved the outdoors, and fishing has always been part of my life. 

For many years it was something I enjoyed but it was on the back burner. Working & raising a family kept me pretty busy.  My Husband, Stark encouraged me to try  fly fishing in the spring of 2011.  That fall I was introduced to Jerry Jahn, who is now my partner at Spey Casting North East.

Since 2014 Jerry and I have been teaching two handed casting together on the Farmington river in New Hartford, Connecticut. when we are not teaching you can find us testing rods, fishing or tying flies.  We travel to do clinics from Long Island to Boston.  I’m also a licensed Connecticut fishing guide and a member of the Sage Pro staff.  In 2018 I was invited to be a presenter at the Sandy River Spey Clave in Oregon.   I also was invited to tie  at Atlantic Salmon Fly International 2018 in New Brunswick, Canada. Both were amazing events and have memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

I enjoy traveling and meeting the amazing people that love this sport as much as I do.

Catch me @ -


Facebook- Spey Casting North East or Lisa Weiner

Instagram- lweiner01



Walt Geryk

A Catch & Release Fly Fishing Guide since 1985, Walt Geryk is an instructor and innovator in fly fishing for Steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Salmon, Trout, and Striped Bass.

In 2007 his love of two-handed fly fishing prompted him to eventually hang-up his traditional guiding and focus exclusively on casting and fishing instruction.

Now known as The Speydoctor, Walt has spent thousands of hours perfecting his knowledge as to the “how’s and why’s” of Spey fishing. He happily passes his knowledge to his students and in conversation with others interested. His unique ability to identify and simplify problems people have with their casting and fishing techniques has earned him praise from not only the average fisherman but from some of the titans in the industry.

Slowly and unknowingly, Walt has become one of the “Godfather’s of American Spey”.

Check Out My Website:  www.speydoctor.com


Jeff Liskay

Jeff Liskay has been a self-admitted steelhead junkie for nearly four decades.  From his home base in northern Ohio, Liskay has fished across the entire Great Lakes and is now reaching into Alaska, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and beyond.  He is well recognized for both his two-hand casting and fishing skills and is a regular on the Spey gathering circuit as both an observer and a presenter.

Liskay spends the warmer months prowling Great Lakes shoreline areas chasing warm-water species on the fly, but as the weather cools steelhead take over.  He is considered one of the top guides on Ohio’s Lake Erie tributaries and is also in high demand as a Spey casting instructor. He is an established speaker and presenter, giving numerous club and show programs each year.  Jeff is also a talented fly tier- his creations are generally simple, functional, fish catchers.

Liskay is a Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador and a Pro Staff member for a number of companies, including Scientific Anglers and Scott Fly Rods. He has been featured in books and magazines, on television, and in podcasts for his angling skills. Liskay owns and operates Silver Fury Guide Service and Schools, where he focuses on the use of two-hand rods and swung flies for migratory fish. 


Jeff Liskay

Guide, Instructor, Presenter

7 Landings Way, Avon Lake, Ohio, 44012



Nancy Moy

Nancy, a former elementary school teacher, is a woman who loves to travel with flyrod in hand, and share her experiences with others. Born and raised in New Jersey, she fished for blue fish and trout while camping on family vacations. Always fascinated with the idea of casting a line, the opportunity presented itself in 2009, when she stepped into her local fly shop, Tight Lines Fly Fishing, and asked for a lesson. Andrew, who would later become her husband, gave her this lesson. On this day, she purchased her first flyrod and in that instant, her life changed. 

Since that day, she has discovered the purposeful life of fly fishing and Spey casting. Together with Andrew, they own and operate Tight Lines Fly Fishing in Parsippany NJ, a full-service fly shop.  They have fallen in love with the Upper Delaware River system, specifically the Beaverkill River, famous for its trout fishing. In order to share this beautiful and abundant river with fisherman of all experience levels, they expanded their business to include fishing and casting schools at Tight Lines North, located in East Branch NY.

Over the past 9 years, Nancy has developed a devotion for Spey casting and fishing for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead. She has fallen in love with fishing Oregon, Montana, BC, New Brunswick and NewFoundland. She is always ready to share her enthusiasm and passion of the sport.


Richard Ostrowski

Richard Ostrowski is a Fly Fishers International Two-Handed Casting Instructor (THCI), with the distinction of being the first and only certified THCI in Maine.  He started fly fishing as a young lad and his first lesson was with Bill Taylor, Joan Wulff’s fly casting coach and mentor.  

Rich, who has been fishing exclusively with a two-handed rod for over 20 years, is eager to display his ability and keen understanding of lines and rods with those eager to learn the traditional art of spey casting.  His motto is “two hands are better than one” and he operates the Maine Spey Casting School (www.MaineSpeyCastingSchool.com) in central Maine.    


Spey Casting:  What, Why, Where, When, and How

Demonstration will be with a mid-belly line for traditional spey casting with explanation and instruction on what spey casting is, why we use it, where and when we use it, and how to do it, beginning with an overview of lines and their application to skagit, scandi, traditional, and trout spey; and continuing to anchors and placement, ease and elegance of casts, and tips and tricks.


Andrew Moy


Andrew, who is of pure Norwegian descent, began single hand fishing at age 4, in Norway, at the same time his older cousins taught him then to tie a fly. He hasn’t stopped fishing since. In 1999, his Spey casting career began with a brief lesson on the river and since having been self-taught has now taught thousands of anglers through lessons, schools, classes and claves. He continues to follow his passion. 

In 2001, he followed his heart and opened Tight Lines Fly Fishing. Accommodating customers 7 days a week for 17 years, Tight Lines is described as a full-service fly shop, and serves a very diverse population of single hand and Spey fisherman, who travel to every corner of the world where they will find water and fish. Many have come to call Tight Lines their home shop and their respect of the sport extends to Andrew and the shop as well.

To know Andrew is to understand his passion for the sport of fly fishing and especially Spey casting. One unique characteristic of Andrew Moy is his love of teaching the cast and fishing.  To date, he has taught thousands of anglers to cast or improve their cast. Hardly a day goes by that he isn’t instructing an angler.

Andrew has a passion for his number 1 fish, Atlantic Salmon, and Steelhead. Having fished the east west coasts of North America in search of these beauties, he has become more experienced and has fine-tuned his technique. He regularly hosts shop and personal trips to Sweden, Norway, many Bahamian out islands, Montana, Newfoundland, British Columbia and New Brunswick, Canada. In addition to Salmon and Steelhead, he has caught striped bass, trout and even bonefish on a two-handed rod.