Week In Review 2/28/13

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This weeks Spey Nation Week ion review!20140226150730_1961311

1:  We have ordered the Fly Fishing Film Tour tickets and posters.  We are beyond siked about this.  Soon you will be able to add into your spring steelhead trip, a trip to one of our pick-up places, The Tailwater Lodge, Malindas Fly Shop, The Oak Orchard Fly Shop, or All Season’s Sports.

2:  Robin has a review of what happened last Wednesday and Thursday on the Salmon.

3:  We have started to update our list of presentators for June’s Spey Nation Gathering.  We think it’s pretty good.  Some new faces and some returning faces that haven’t been around in a while.

4:  It turned cold again this week.  Seems fishing pressure has been off.  This doesn’t mean the March doldrums have begun, I think that wiser heads are prevailing.  Some fish are still being caught in the DSR.  This is right around the time of year when those first dropbacks begin to show.  It may be early though this year.

5:  I shared this post because I thought it was right on

6:  We have our twitter page active.  You should see it. We have like a million followers

7:  Like Minded Mofo


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