These might be the most anticipated rods at Spey Nation 2015

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The Echo Glass 2 handers may be the most anticipated rods at Spey Nation and thanks to Nick and the boys over at the Oak Orchard Fly Shop, you may be walking home with one.  If you’re really lucky, I mean “Keith Lucky” then you may win a matching reel to hang on the bottom of the rod.

Echo Glass 12’9″ 7 wt spey



Donated By the Oak Orchard Fly Shop


Echo Ion Reel



Donated By the Oak Orchard Fly Shop

Check out the following review that Nick Pionessa wrote about the new Echo Glass 2 handers.

Confession time- I don’t fish a lot of $280 switch rods. I know it’s hard to believe but there it is. I have access to some of the world’s best fly fishing gear. Because I’ve taken the vow of poverty they allow me to purchase the expensive ones more reasonably. You wouldn’t be fishing inexpensive rods either. That said there is one that I will be using regularly and that’s the new Echo Glass Switch.

Let’s forget about the whole glass thing for a minute. This is a great rod period. Light in hand, loads easily, plenty of power and plays fish amazingly well. The fact that it’s glass never had anything to do with my fishing experience. That fact that it’s a well designed and built rod had everything to do with it.

I was fortunate enough to get the feel of a fish on it pretty quickly on its maiden voyage. A small but feisty steelhead was the first to play. Since I basically hooked it out from under a log jam I had to put the screws to it right off. Got her out of the wood and eventually to the bank and then remembered the rod when I was tailing her. That’s a good thing. It performed like it should when I needed it to. Glass or graphite, rods need to perform without worry.

The weather was blustery to say the least that day and with the spring conditions I was using a 10’ sink tip and a weighted tube streamer most of the day. The line I had on the 11’ 7 wt was the old Airflo NW Skagit. 30’ at 440 grains and a long gradual taper. One of my favorite lines and from some past glass switch experience, a good choice for glass. Yeah, Skagit heads used to be 30’. Throw on the 10’ tip and you have 40’ to move with an 11’ rod. Never a problem even in the howling wind. That was to be the real test of this rod and it not only passed, it was such a non issue I never had to think about it all day. Don’t think, just fish. That’s what I want out of my rod. At any price and made of any material.

Doubled to the cork on the best fish of the day in some fast water I had Power to turn and cushion to keep us connected. What I’ve always loved about my small, glass trout rods is now readily available at a reasonable cost for Switches and Speys.

Thanks Echo!


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