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Oct 15, 2015   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Fishing Equipment, SpeyNation  //  Comments Off on Tackle Tool Changes

Big changes are happening over at our “Virtual Spey Nation Tackle Selector” tool.

9-28-2015 1-16-53 PM

As you know, Thanks to our hard-working Spey Nation elves, we have compiled a list of over 1000 two-handed rods and who knows how many lines into a searchable database all geared to bring the unique experience of Spey Nation to the virtual world. You are able to search rods (say show me all the 12 to 13 foot 7wts) and with a click, see all the lines that may be appropriate for that chosen rod. We are excited to bring you this information and hope to keep it as updated as possible. Product information in our database is free to everyone to use as a resource.

Well, we still are working in the Spey Nation Workshop and look at it now!   You still can see all the cool rods in our database, plus some new ones have been added.

9-28-2015 1-19-34 PM

9-28-2015 1-22-00 PM

New Look!  Pick one! Or click the HOT LINK    to quickly find your rod, or go to the manufacturer’s website!


Now you have all your lines but wait!  Click the “Export to PDF” button




hoof on down to your local fly shop!

10-15-2015 11-19-23 AM

Get finding your next rod here!  

Oh, I’m sorry, do you need a new line before steelhead season?  Scandi, Skagit, Long belly?   Don’t Know?  Search Them All!

9-28-2015 1-29-27 PM

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