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Another new face at Spey Nation this year!   Spey Casting Instructor Jean-François Lavallée (JF) comes to us from Quebec and is on the Guideline Pro Staff.  We can’t wait to see what he has to say!

Jean-François Lavallée (JF Lavallée)

JF Lavellee Spey Instruction

Jean-François Lavallée (JF), is owner and chief instructor at the Modulus fly fishing school in the greater Montreal region in the province of Quebec.

For the past ten years, JF has dedicated most of his free time to his passion, the learning and teaching of everything surrounding the art of fly fishing. Sole instructor in Quebec certified from both the renowned Joan Wulff school and from the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFC), he also often volunteers time to the local fly fishing clubs.

Silver team medalist at the 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship (NFFC) in Calgary, JF has been active on the competition scene since 2008 as both competitor and organizer. This contact with the competitive world enables him to exchange and learn with the best anglers in Canada, the US and from Europe.

In parallel, his “corporate coach certification” from the World Association of Business Coaches, allows him to apply professional coaching techniques to his fly fishing instruction methods, in order to maximise their results.

From Quebec to New-Zealand, from trout to salmon, from dry fly fishing to Czech nymphing, where ever he is, JF will enable you through his presentations and his instruction to learn always more about the art of fly fishing, and this, always in a fun and light hearted way!

Courriel :     info@modulusflyfishing.ca

Site web :    www.modulusflyfishing.ca

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