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LeeI told this story before about our friend Lee Davison and you can read about how excited we are to have him back here.  But there is more to the story.   Lee took first in his division at the annual Jimmy Green Spey O Rama Spey Casting Championship held at the Golden Gate Casting Club in San Francisco.   With a monumental single spey cast off his right hand of 146 feet (Which would have sailed across the parking lot in Pineville from the river) he now joins the growing number of spey casting champions who have appeared at Spey Nation.  If you remember, Whitney and Travis won their respective divisions last year.  In fact, Spey Nation presenters have won all categories within the last 2 years.  We can’t wait to hang out with our friend from Idaho.  You need to make a point of stopping by his booth and checking out his signature lines, Ballistic Spey Lines on your sticks.  I am sure you will find a pure magical match.  You’ll also find a few of his lines on display at the raffle tables so take your chances to win your own!    

More on Lee:

Lee is the designer/owner of the Ballistic Speyline Products; CEO of Snake River Outfitters; Snowbee UK distributor for USA; an international Spey Casting competitor; and ex-officio President of the Federation of Flyfishers Western Rocky Mountain Council. Also, IFFF Certified Master Casting Instructor, IFFF Certified Two-Hand Casting Instructor, and a licensed Idaho guide, Lee combines both a calming patience and an infectious enthusiasm for teaching single hand or Spey casting techniques, building confidence and skill in his students.



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