Spey Nation Presenter Profile: Barney Wong

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We are beginning to put the list together of presenters.  We start the series off with a new face.  Spey Nation has been a platform for many first time presenters.  I remember the first Spey Nation had 2 first time presenters.  Nervous faces talking to nervous audiences.  Over the years we have been a spring board to some pretty prominent speakers.  It always makes me smile to see them at events across the country.  Not sure if Barney has done any presentations at other spey claves, if not, we have a new first and we are happy to keep the tradition alive.  This truly is a learning environment for all!

Barny Wong

IMG_0254Barny Wong possesses neither the qualifications as a guide nor an insider in the fly fishing industry. Rather, he solves problems outside the box while always honing his skill in communicating the unspoken that sticks. As an ex- innovation scout for the automotive industry, and currently in the field of consciousness, he brings new thought and insight into why, what, and how we do things.  Barny’s approach to casting is manage the few so as to produce the largest result. In Tao, this is called Action from Non Action. In this Tao of Casting approach, the ever changing Style in casting can always rely on the immovable Substance (Physics), allowing the caster to self organize and evolve to their highest potential. And with this way, the caster nevers fall into a rut as they harness more with each pass of insight and understanding.

Barny Wong has been spey casting since 2007. He is also featured in both Midcurrent and Fly Fisherman magazine. He combines artistry and technical know how into the art of spey casting.

All levels are welcome for casting classes. His website is www.awholenuthalevel.com containing his rates and contact info.

Barny is committed to your developing the sturdiest casting legs in the shortest amount of time.

Barney will also be offering lessons on Sunday after the event.  Please email him directly through his website.

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