Spey Nation 2015 Presenter Profile: Travis Johnson

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Right about now Travis Johnson’s Plane should be arriving.   He’s the 3:00pm presentation for the Spey Nation on June 27th.  Last year at the annual world spey casting championships in San Francisco Spey O Rama, he launched a world record distance cast that hasn’t landed yet.  He’s one of the most powerful spey casters I’ve ever met and you need to watch his presentation.  He’s also a become a good friend over the last few years coming all the way out from Oregon to show us third coasters how it’s done.  He likes it so much that he leaves the native land of steelhead every fall to fish with us on the Salmon.   So let’s make him feel as welcome as he has made us.

travisTravis Johnson began his fly fishing career at the ripe old age of 12. He was that kid who could not learn enough about anything and everything to do with fly fishing.

Travis landed his first Deschutes red-side at age 14 and his first summer steelhead at age 16. His passion for fishing with a fly has taken him all over the country and his wisdom of fishing the western United States surpasses most young men his age.

Having guided the Sandy, Clackamas and the Deschutes Rivers for over 7 years, Travis has learned how to find even the toughest of fish with success, while bringing an infectious energy to the game that will leave you invigorated and inspired.

From a day of chasing wily resident trout to learning in one of his advanced Spey casting classes, your day with this young man will not soon be forgotten.  Follow Travis through his blog Steelhead Chaser.

If you have any questions on the availability of a trip or casting class with Travis Johnson, call 541-591-3936.

Travis Johnson is both student and instructor in the art of fly casting. He is a member of the prestigious Carron competition Spey Casting team. Last year he placed second at the CLA World Championships held at Blenheim Palace.  He practices distance Spey Casting several times a week and regularly achieves casts of 150-200 feet with either hand. Travis won the 2014 Spey O Rama at San Francisco’s prestigious Golden Gate Casting Club with a world record breaking 198 foot cast!

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