Spey Fly Tying: The Grapefruit Leech

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Grapefruit Leech from Fly Fish the Mitt on Vimeo.

This Spey fly tying video was put together for the Revive Fly Fishing online magazine (http://reviveflyfishing.com/).
The fly is the Grapefruit Leech. It’s a steelhead swing bug designed by Kevin Feenstra (http://www.feenstraguideservice.com/). The fly has proven to be a very effective swing bug for Great Lakes steelhead.
The material and instructions for the Grapefruit Leech can be found on Kevin’s site at http://www.feenstraguideservice.com/pdf/grapefruithead_fly.pdf.

Hook: Daiichi 2461 or equivalent 3xl streamer hook size 4-2/0
Tail: Black Marabou with sparse red flash
Hackle: Black or Purple Schlappen
Body: Black Marabou Feather
Collar: Large Mallard Flank
Flash: Combination of Green, Silver, and Blue Flashabou
Head: Fuchsia large cactus chenille followed by a veil of chartreuse ice dub

The Grapefruit Leech has proven to be an effective fly on both sides of the Great Lakes.   Swung on a traditional wet fly swing presentation the Grapefruit Leech is full of contrast and movement.  Especially effective on dark days, in high water, or lower in the river, this and other leech/intruder patterns can elicit that type of grab we are always looking for.  Keep looking at our blog as we bring you more Spey Fly Tying Videos from across the web.


Spey Fly Tying

The Grapefruit Leech Spey Fly Tying



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