Spey Daze


Join us at the Tailwater Lodge after Spey Nation

For a screening of a special version of

Spey Daze

Spey Daze is a visually striking film about the empassioned pursuit of Great Lakes Steelhead on the swung fly. The journey passes through some of the regions most picturesque and storied rivers while trying to tangle with one of the most exciting game fish found in fresh water.

Once maligned for is questionable water and angling practices, the Great Lakes fishery has emerged and matured. The film focuses on the growth of the fishery while exploring the past, current and future issues that impact the lakes and the health of its steelhead population.

This streaming option contains nearly an hour of extras not included on the dvd. If you are interested in what people are saying about Spey Daze or if you would like purchase the dvd it can be found here…thirdyearflyfisher.com

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