Seele Fly Rods New 10’7″ 8wt

Nov 7, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Nation Presenter, Spey Nation Supporters  //  Comments Off on Seele Fly Rods New 10’7″ 8wt

As you may or may not be aware, Spey Nation has been growing this year already.  We have added several new companies and Seele Fly Rods may turn out to be the most unique.  The Pennsylvania born company who’s name translates to roughly “Life and Soul” in German has produced a full line of glass spey rods, the newest of which is the 10’7″ 8wt.   Their website claims “In every single Seele Fly Rod you will feel the essence of more than 60 years of experience in fly fishing – built by fly fishers for fly fishers.  The fly rods with soul.”  The best news is that they are 100% made in the USA.  “All Seele Glass and Graphite Fly Rods are built and handcrafted, piece-by-piece, entirely in Bellwood, Pennsylvania, USA”

Michael emailed me this morning with this new clip of the new glass 8wt.

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