Raffle Winners 2013!

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Raffle Winners 2013!

Malinda’s Fly Shop Shirt                                Rick Swizdor

Fishpond Dry Bag                                             Brian Striwick

Hardy Fly Wallet                                               Sam Decker

Classic Michigan Flies Book                          Mike Barber

Malinda’s Fly Shop Fleece                            David Tsirnikas

Salmon Crazy Fly Swap Flies                        Wayne Lamphier

DVD Temp Rising                                              Matthew Tibbe

Jacket                                                                   Joe Hovious

Fishpond Reel Case                                         R Munroe

Landing Mitt                                                       Hyun Kounne

Leader Wallet                                                    Rick Swizdor

Large Fly Box                                                      Tim Collins

Bandana                                                              Sophie Miller

Small Fly Box                                                      Bernie Kios

Never Get Lost Map Book                            Keith Fitzpatrick

$150 Gift Cert  Wild Water Fly Rods          Brad Stalter

Blitz                                                                        Rachel Finn

Alaska Chronicles                                             Dan Burnside

Water Master Dry Bag                                   Mike Callahan

Water Master Dry Bag                                   Craig Buckbee

Various Hats                                              Vera Volk,  Jacob Morrison, Dan Burnside, Stark Weiner,  Eric Lester

WindCutter Line                                               Nick Meyer

Spey Line                                                             Jay Countyman

Mad River Tying Materials                            Mike Chochul

2 Nights Beaverkill                                           Steve Stasiuskonis

Temple Forks Outfitters 11’8”                    Stark Weiner

$1oo To Tight Lines Fly Shop                        Chuck Dimitia

$1oo To Tight Lines Fly Shop                        Brad Stalter

TFO Large Arbor Reel                                     John Evenkauski

Hardy Marquis 2                                               Chris Finiti

$300 Watermaster Gift Card                        Nancy Groblewski

2 Nights Fox Hollow Lodge                           Steven Gerst

15 Foot Heritage Spey Rod                           Andrew Roberts

Northeast Guide Service Lesson               Andrew Roberts

Echo Solo                                                             Jim Rood

2 Nights 1 Day Guided Angler’s Lodge     Joe Hovious

2 Nights on the Beaverkill Tight Lines      Jamie Reddington

Float Trip Row Jimmy                                     Nancy Groblewski

Leather Fly Box                                                 Rick Harrington

Mid River Lodge 2 Nights Salmon Sea.    Brad Stalter

G Loomis Rod                                                    Stark Weiner

2 Nights West Branch Angler                       Bob Lockwood

13’6 8wt Redington Spey                              Stark Weiner

Echo Solo 7wt                                                    Brian Slavinski

Wheatley Fly Box Frank Swarner Flies     Dave Biggio

Beulah 12’6” 6wt                                              Jim Williams

Echo 3 Matching Line Poly                            Scott Eno

Spey Lodge BC Trip                                          Jeff Iadonisi

Thanks To All our Sponsors Who Donated This Year!

The Spey Lodge, Frank Swarner and Son, The West Branch Angler,  Wild Water Fly Rods, Hardy, Temple Forks Outfitters, Beulah, Castle Arms/Heritage Fly Rods, Mad River Dubbing Company, The Red Shed Fly Shop, Malindas Fly Shop, Tight Lines Fly Shop, The Oak Orchard Fly Shop, Redington, Row Jimmy Guide Service,  G Loomis, Row Jimmy Guide Service,The Angler’s Lodge–Patrick Ross, Watermaster Boats, Departure Publishing, Northeast Guide Service, Mid River Lodge and Campground, Fox Hollow Lodge, Adelcio Chavez,

and the many generous folks that dropped by unannounced and dropped some great stuff off to us.

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