2015 Presenter Search

2015 Call For Presentation Applications!

With the success of Spey Nation over the years, our list of those who have presented or those who have expressed interest in giving a presentation at a future event has grown tremendously.

Unfortunately, we have many more people interested than we can fit in during the day of Spey Nation.  So this year, we are going to be reaching out and giving everyone an equal chance to present during the day.
Interested in giving a presentation?  Please email me your name, a bio, and a brief summary of what you may want to present about.  I know this seems extremely early and I know things can change over the year but we feel that the interest we have received already warrants the diligence.  Please send these items to speynation@gmail.com by October 15, 2014

We would love to have everything in order by the upcoming winter show season so we can start to promote next year’s event.  The date of June 27, 2015 so barring any unforseen circumstances, pencil us in for that date.
For those who may be traveling from across the country, this will also give us time to advertise lessons the day after the event if you want to try and schedule those to recoup some traveling costs. These announcements will be made on our website and newsletter.
Once again, thanks so much for your support and help over the years.  We truly are humbled by the continued support of the industry.



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