New and final presentation schedule with some of the descriptions attached

Jun 18, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Spey Nation Presenter  //  Comments Off on New and final presentation schedule with some of the descriptions attached

Saturday Presentation Schedule


9 am  Barney Wong

Scandinavian Casting

  The presentation will present high speed, high efficiency casting using the greatest leverage possible but one that is highly under utilized thus far: the bending section  underneath the cork. The presentation will touch on what is behind this  cast, what benefit(s) does it provide, and how does it affects your  fishing. The presentation will be introducing some insight as to how to  unleash the spare engine piston you unknowingly have access to but has  been idle up to this point.

9:45 am  Patrick Ross


10:30 am  Andrew Moy


11:15 am Whitney Gould

Rod Angle and Possition For The Forward Cast

12:00 Lunch

1 pm Walt Geryk

Short Lines On Long Rods

2 pm Travis Johnson

“Taking Control”

regardless of line style or rod length controlling is the only way to become a better Spey caster. Travis will show you from start to finish what helps him and how he took control of his casting not only for fishing but for distance casting.

3 pm Peter Charles

Effective Spey Casting with Single Hand Rods and Lines

Spey casting is a great tool for single hand rods, not just for two-handers.  Nevertheless, most of us will overhead cast our single handers most of the time and that’s to be expected.  Because of this, it isn’t desirable to make some sort of Frankenline that only works when Spey casting. Our best choice is to have a line that works for us no matter what sort of cast we’re using.
It is possible to make effective Spey casts using just our regular lines that we normally use when casting overhead.  With a few simple casting techniques and some attention to the lines we use, our single hand Spey casts can be very effective and go for distance.  In my presentation, we’ll cover those simple casting techniques needed to make our regular lines Spey cast effectively, plus we will pay close attention to the types of lines that work well and the types that don’t.  Yup, I’ll even use an unsuitable one and make a hash of Spey casting it just to prove that point.
I hope that you will gain from my presentation an appreciation of just how effectively our regular overhead lines can be when Spey cast and that it isn’t necessary to use specialized lines to get the job done.  Just a few simple casting techniques, some attention to our line choices and we’ll be making great Spey casts using just our regular overhead lines.

4:00 PM Raffles

List Subject To Changes

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