Minutes of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club August 28th

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Aug 28,  2014

  • Jim opened the meeting and the minutes were   read
  • Paul talked about Justin and Chris electro-shocking   Point Rock Creek.  One Atlantic was found that was 8 inches long.    They kept the fish for testing.
  • Paul also mentioned that Gary Bartell reported catching   a 6  inch Atlantic in Point Rock Creek.
  • Discussion then centered on stocking the remaining fish   left at Morrisville.  There are about 5,000 salmon which Justin and Chris   are going to stock in Nine Mile creek if  they get permission from DEC.    Half to the remaining 2000 fish will be stocked on September 20   according to the bio mass in Roaring Brook.  The rest can be stocked by   the club.  
  • Jim then talked about the  Sportsmen Days at   Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery.  Jim and Gene will attend on Saturday,   Sept 27  and Paul and Paul will attend on Sunday September   28.
  • Jim talked about the OLA picnic.  It was not   heavily attended.
  • Tom contacted Carpenters Brook and they will  take   the large pipe and made plans to take it to the hatchery on Thursday, Sept 4.   

Note: Next meeting  is Thursday, September 25.

For More Information click to the Club’s Website.


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