May 24, 2012 Meeting Fish Creek Atl Salmon Club

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Our May 24, 2012 meeting was called to order by our President Jim Lawler at 7:10 PM:

Secretary’s Report:  April minutes accepted as read.

Spey Nation July 14, 2012: We understand that the Atlantic Salmon Federation may have a presence at Spey Nation this year.  We discussed the possibility of inviting them to share our shelter, since our mission is similar to their mission.  There were no objections from our group and we feel their presence would be good for Spey Nation and our club as well.  So our invitation is out there. Lets pass the word and help our friends at Spey Nation get a large crowd; it’s a great event.  Jim Morris has agreed to bring his shelter and we will have volunteers to help with the setup of the shelter and our booth.  Setup will start around 7 AM.

Salmon ID posters:  Jim Morris brought the finished posters and showed them.  The salmon ID posters, printed on tyvec and laminated will be available to be put up along the Creek when we stock our fish.  Additional posters in bright orange and laminated giving information about our stocking program, the legal size, our recommendation for catch and release and our request for fish parts for testing from any fish taken will be posted along with the ID posters.  Additional copies of both printed on regular paper are prepared for handing out at future shows when we set up our display.  Nice job, Jim.

New tank and feeder:  A blank stainless steel tank has been donated to the club at a time when we would like to have it in service to relieve the crowding in our 3 existing tanks as the fish get bigger.  It is presently at a local fabricator to have a drain installed.  In order to install a new tank, we will need a new feeder.  The motion was made and passed to buy a new solar powered fish feeder similar to the ones that we now use in tank 2 & 3.  Paul agreed to order it.

This year’s fish:  Our fish sample has been sent for testing.  We have been offered a new option this year to go with the 14 day turn-around if we need it.  Our concern is the higher than usual temperatures and lack of rain.  We will be watching how things are going at the hatchery over the next 2 weeks in order to determine if it will be better to get the fish in the creek at the higher testing cost or not.  We will email and/or phone as many helpers as possible if we go with the earlier stocking date.


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