July 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes/News:

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July 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes/News:

The monthly meeting of the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club was called to order at 7:23 PM by Tom Schneider. Treasurer Paul Miller’s e-mail was read as the treasurer’s report: During June, for the VHS testing and Ziegler on behalf of the State of Maine in payment for our eggs. We also received and deposited $3630.00 from Spey Nation.  Treasurer’s report was accepted as read. The Secretary’s minutes from last month’s meeting were read and accepted.


Items discussed at this meeting: ·

  •  Possibility of getting a waiver on the testing of our fish based on the fact that the eggs are taken from certified healthy fish, then hatched and raised in the water that they will be released into; ·
  •  We need a local building space in which we can store club equipment; ·
  • August meeting to be held at the hatchery in order to plan needed equipment modifications;
  •  Oneida Lake meeting to be attended by Tom and I, representing our club; ·
  •  Stream survey to be held in early September to analyze what our fish have available to eat and live on; ·
  •  Possibility of reducing mailing costs by reducing minutes/news mailings to quarterly from monthly; ·
  • Harden would like to have us remove the silt fence above the hatchery; we need to work on a silt control scheme at our hatchery meeting; ·
  • · We plan to update our streamside Atlantic salmon identification posters.

Meeting adjourned at around 8:30 PM.


Our next meeting will be held on August 20th at 9 AM at the hatchery in order to plan needed changes to our equipment.

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