Heritage Spey Rod Arrives

May 22, 2013   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Raffle Prizes  //  Comments Off on Heritage Spey Rod Arrives

Phil at Castle Arms sent a 14 foot 9/10 3 piece Spey Rod for us to raffle to you on July 20, 2013. 

The success we have had with our Heritage fly rods has everyone surprised. For 15 years without any advertising except word of mouth from the guides and pro fishermen who first bought them we receive compliments and orders from all over the world for our rods. Our rods are 50% to 75% less expensive then the highly advertised rods, yet cast and fish as well or better. The added cost of a huge advertising program adds nothing to the quality of a rod except $$$$$. Available at selected dealers or from Castle Arms.

See the rest of the Heritage rod and reel line-up here

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