Friday 2/21/14 Week in Review

Feb 21, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Friday 2/21/14 Week in Review

Well it’s Friday and I received the notification from the phone, so it’s time for the week in review…already.

1:  This week was pretty whirlwind split in half by the fact that I actually took some time to get out on the water.  The river was low, 285cfs, and clear but I was lucky to find a clean path to the hole with no footprints in the fresh snow that fell the night before.  It was supposed to be warm, and 27 degree start out temps meant no slush to be had this morning.  It would turn out to be a glorious day.  Half way down the run a new fly I tied, it’s design stolen from the folks at, was blistered by a fish that may have been the devil himself.  3 switches of direction and a porpoise that actually happened 10 feet above my skagit head, and he was gone.  The river seemed to be apologetic as if to say:

“I thought you were ready…were you not?  I mean if you’re not ready, it’s not really my fault…Are you okay?  Do you need a minute?”

Soon Robin and Matt showed up to hear my tail.  We had the run to ourselves and we each recieved a few noce grabs.  I dropped a nice steelhead at my feet after getting what I was after from her.  About 6lbs I would gather, and later landed a nicely colored brown of about 22″.  Robin landed a nice steelie and Matt had a few on.  My highlight was that 15 seconds of chaos though…you hook one or two of those a season, and they keep you coming back.  They may not be the largest of the year but they are entertaining for sure.

2:  Speaking of  Robin, As you may have heard, he got his work into this month’s This is Fly.

3:  Some dude won something at Somerset… Didn’t think anybody actually won any of that stuff…

4:  Need any info on Muddlers?  Steelhead love ’em…That’s all you need to know.

5:  Reports from Douglaston have been mixed.  Hey, it’s winter…you need to work at it.  Nobody said this was easy.  Randy said it has been good, and the water is on the rise with the warmup.  Be careful out there.

Dave and I did get the scale out and put some heads on it…but I still have to wrap my head around it.  One thing we did learn is, our rods have bigger grain windows than you think.



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