Free Fishing Day in the DSR to Spey Nation Attendees!

May 16, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Mojo, Raffle Prizes  //  Comments Off on Free Fishing Day in the DSR to Spey Nation Attendees!

Taking our advice and making a weekend out of Spey Nation?  Friday night Film Tour at the Tailwater Lodge, Spey Nation at the Pineville Boat launch on Saturday and for the capper, Fishing the Douglaston Salmon Run Sunday for FREE!

The DSR will be allowing all Spey Nation participants access to the DSR on Sunday, June 22nd. Participants will be asked to pickup a voucher from the Spey nation event on Saturday as proof of participation and present it at the DSR for their complimentary access pass on Sunday.  Of course it’s off season but hey, if you’ve never seen the tasty pockets and smooth swingable slicks of the run then this would be a great time to walk the bank.  And you never know when something nasty is going to nose out of the estruary and into the currents of the lower river.  Word even has it that they are stocking browns this year.

Besides, at least it won’t look like this

There will also be 2 daily passes up for grabs in our raffles on Saturday to be used Nov 15, 2014 – May 14, 2015.


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