Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Update

May 12, 2011   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club Minutes  //  Comments Off on Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Update

April 28, 2011 Meeting News/minutes:

Heavy rains over-night, added to a record amount of rain for April, created concerns of flooding at our new hatchery.  This prompted Paul Miller to do an early morning (April 28th, 7:30AM) inspection of the hatchery.  He immediately called together an emergency response team to prepare the hatchery for the rising water.  We did everything that could be done to secure the hatching trays and tanks, which contained our recently hatched-out Atlantic salmon.  Our work was completed by 11AM and the water was still rising.  Paul presented photos at the meeting of the things we did.  A work session is planned for this Saturday, April 30th at 9AM, to clean up the debris from the flooding and restore the tanks to their normal locations, provided the water has receded by then.

Tom Schneider reported progress on our plans to the get surplus Atlantic salmon fry from the Vermont Hatchery on Grand Isle.  The fish are being reserved for us, but the time required to have the VHS testing on the fish (about 28 days) is a possible problem for getting the fish before their hatchery is closed for the season around June 1st..  It may mean a mid-week transport and stocking will be needed.  Tom is trying to get the Onondaga County Carpenter Brook Hatchery folks to help us out with the transportation by using their large fish stocking truck and driver.  We would reimburse them for their expenses.  This could add an additional 20,000 to 30,000 fish to our stocking plans for this year.  Paul will check out and coordinate the testing details with the Ag and Markets folks and the testing lab folks for both the Vermont fish and the fish that we are raising.
Jim Lawler brought us up to date on the up-coming Isaac Walton stream survey for the West Branch of Fish Creek.  The survey is to determine what kinds of organisms are living in the stream which can be food for fish in the creek.  This is important information for us to obtain for understanding what is there to support our fish, once they are stocked.  We will need to provide boots in the creek to help get the data together, probably in August or September of this year.
Our next meeting will be held at 7PM on May 26th at the Camden Rod and Gun Clubhouse.
Respectfully submitted,
Arley Morey, Club Secretary

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