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Feb 14, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Everyone else is doing it…

Seems like everyone else has a Friday Week in Review so not to feel left out and outdone,

Here is a new feature on the blog.  This might be a bit of month/year in review but I just put this in my calendar to prompt me to look at every Friday morning.

1:  First some news from us….We have officially joined the list as a venue for the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Our official event page is here. It’s all set except for everything I have to do to make it official. ie: print tickets/posters and mail them out to the places where you guys can pick them up.


2: The guys at Salmon River Spey seem genuinely concerned about the state of our feet in the winter.  I know I have switched over to boot foots and have been much happier.  If you can just get past the old “Only Snaggers Wear Bootfoots’ stigma…you’ll be much happier too.

3:  Robin has a review of our most recent trip to The Nation.  Spoiler Alert….I actually connect with a real live steelhead!

4:  The DSR Seems to be recieving fresh fish lately…good for us, there should be an influx of egg laden females right now…

5:  It’s been cold.

6:  Damn Cold

7:  The Fish Creek Guys are planning to make the trip to Maine this year to pick up the eggs as soon as we are notified that they are ready,

So that’s what’s happening in our little Nation.  Tune in next week when Dave and I weigh some scandi heads on a scale stolen from the mail room at work.  Witness us try to use google’s conversion tables to convert grams to grains and figure out what that means to the jumbled mess of unmarked heads in the top drawer of my desk!



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