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Bring A Friend That Never Attended Spey Nation Before to Spey Nation 10 June 24, 2017 and the 2 of you receive a raffle ticket to the $20 prize table.

(One Raffle Ticket per person).



Have a friend always asking questions while you swing for steelhead and they nymph away?   Do they look at you with that questioning look, “What do you know that they don’t”?  Bring them to Spey Nation!   We want our fishery to become a better place for everybody and how do we do that?   By inviting everyone to bring a friend.   Match them up with a Spey Casting Instructor and Incent them to come with a free raffle ticket!  People who go to Spey Nation talk about concepts like streamside etiquette, conservation, returning Atlantic Salmon to historical watersheds, and angler rotation…and we share our knowledge to everyone who listens on this special day.   And what’s not to love about that?

It’s a chance to participate in a day that doesn’t have the distraction of fishing staring you in the face and you aren’t watching the clock as the sun is setting on the day you sat at the office and dreamed about for 2 weeks.  It’s a day when we, who love the fishery, have a chance to give something back, take the time to acknowledge where we came from and share the love with others.    If we just go and preach to the choir, then what’s the point?  Let us share all the knowledge that we have to share about the sport we love so much.

So if you like what you have heard, share this with your buddies, who may fish the river differently and invite them up for a great weekend.  We’ll give both of you a raffle ticket.  Next year if you look over your shoulder at a group of people watching you cast, invite them up.  It’s our chance to bring more people into the fold.  Share this on your facebook page, twitter account and blog and get involved.

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