April 26, 2012 Fish Creek ATL Club Minutes

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Our April 26, 2012 meeting was called to order by our President Jim Lawler at 7:10 PM:Secretary’s Report:  March minutes accepted as sent out.

Paul would like anyone who has paid this year’s dues and not received their membership card to notify him so he can send the card, just in case he has missed anyone.
Vermont fry:  Jim Lawler reported that the Vermont hatchery will not have any fish for us this year, but they will keep us in mind for next year.  Their extra fish have all been purchased by the Federal Tennison Lab to replace fish that would have normally been produced by the White River hatchery.  Hurricane Irene had caused damage at the White River Hatchery, destroying this year’s supply of fish.Salmon ID poster:  Jim Morris submitted a new sample of an Atlantic salmon identification poster printed on tyvec sheet with permanent ink.  Also available an option would be to laminate the poster in clear plastic.  Another possibility would be a bright orange poster to explain our effort to stock Atlantic salmon, minimum length and catch & release recommendation.    A motion was made and passed to buy 50 of the tyvec posters with 25 of them laminated in plastic for posting along Fish Creek at access sites.  Some more work will be done on the orange poster to get the message clearer.  Copies of the ID poster will be made to be handed out at the Oneida Lake Association Meeting.

This year’s fish:  Our fish are doing very well, beginning to eat food and growing.  The transition to eating has gone well this year, with a minimum number of fish lost.  Daily visits to the hatchery by members are logged and dead fish are removed from the tanks and recorded in the log.  The automatic feeders are refilled and maintained daily.  Our older belt type feeder in Tank #1 is in need of updating soon to a new solar powered unit like the other 2 tanks have.  We plan to submit a sample for testing as soon as they grow to 4 cm in length.  Testing will take about 4 weeks after the sample is received by the testing laboratory, then stocking can be scheduled if everything is ok.Respectfully submitted, Arley Morey, Club Secretary

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