January Meeting of the FCASC

Jan 21, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club Minutes, Mojo  //  Comments Off on January Meeting of the FCASC
January 23, 2014 Meeting:
Check out the picture of our fish egg incubator above; it is set up and ready for this year’s eggs.  Our meeting this month will start at 6:30 PM at the Harden Pump House in order to introduce our members to the location and setup of our fish egg incubator..  Jim Lawler and I will be there to start the meeting and demonstrate how the incubator works.  Q & A session will be held there, then we will go to the Camden Rod & Gun Club for the continuation of the meeting.
This Year’s Eggs:
Eggs are not ready yet, but Jim :Lawler is planning to make the trip to Maine this year to pick up the eggs as soon as we are notified that they are ready, Latest communication was that they should be ready between the 1st and 15th of February.  When Jim returns with the eggs, they will be divided between the 7 trays so that each tray has about the same number of eggs.  Then the daily duty-visits will begin, to check the incubator and remove any failed eggs.
Hatchery Duty:
This would be a good time to volunteer for hatchery duty, if you can spare some time once a week to help out.  We need help, so any time you can arrange would be greatly appreciated.

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