A Two Handed Spey On The Water Class

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Up For Grabs At This Year’s Spey Nation! 

A Two Handed Spey On The Water Class Tailored To Your Needs for 1 Student

A one on one, 6 hour stream side lesson on the Salmon River New York or the Deerfield River Massachusetts held during seasonal times. Hardy & Greys rods, reels, the day’s soft drinks, snacks and misc. provided. Lunch not included. You decide what you need, wanting to learn the basics or expand on your current skills, then this day is for you.

Basic Casting

Learn the casts needed to fish river right and left. Single Spey, Dble Spey , Snap T, D Cast, Wombat and others

Intermediate to Advanced Casting and Fishig

Continue to advance your Spey and Scandi casting abilities. Add the Snake Roll to your current abilities and other variations in casting techniques required to adapt to changing conditions and locations. Understand sink tips, fly tracking, proven presentations and effective drifts to increase your spey fishing success

Walt Geryk

Walt is a Professional Fly & Spey Fishing Guide, Instructor & Coach Since 1985, Walt has been promoting traditional fly fishing with catch & release for the Salmon River Region New York and the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts. The leader for Traditional Fly and Spey Fishing serving these areas.for more information: Northeast Fly and Spey Fishing Schools

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