27 inch Atlantic Nabbed in Oneida Lake…and other Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club News

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Reminder: August Meeting is this Thursday, August 22nd, 7 PM at the Camden Rod & Gun Clubhouse.
This has been a very successful year for our club:
  • The Vermont Hatchery gave us 15,000 Atlantic fry, which we stocked into the East Branch of Fish Creek in April;
  • We raised and stocked about 30,000 more Atlantic fry into the East Branch of Fish Creek in June;
  • We participated in Spey Nation and received a substantial amount of money for continuing efforts to improve our capabilities;
  • We have requested assistance from Syracuse University ESF to initiate a study of survival success of our stocked fish;
  • We are continuing contact with Oneida Lake Association and Cornel Research facilities on Oneida Lake; and,
  • We continue efforts to get our message out by setting up our display at several sport shows.
When we received the Atlantic fry from Vermont in April, we discovered that the eggs could be hatched early by warming the incubator water temperature during the winter when water temperature is normally about 32 degrees.  This would be a desirable improvement for our hatchery if it can be accomplished, so it is on our to do list for this fall.
Paul Miller, would like to hear from anyone who has paid this year’s membership, but has not received their membership card, in case he has missed anyone.
Upcoming events;
  • Beaver Lake Open House, First Saturday in September;
  • Fall Migration (Great Swamp), October.
The link below is to an article from the Outdoors Section of Syracuse.com  written by Dave Figura.  Dave was at the Oneida Lake Association BBQ Monday  night.  Jerry Lougnot caught the 27” Atlantic Salmon and was giving the Fish  Creek Atlantic Salmon Club kudos for their salmon restoration work.  Dave  followed up with the story and asked for more input.
The picture shows what a healthy fish this is.

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