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Week In Review 2/28/13

Feb 28, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Nation Presenter, Week In Review  //  Comments Off on Week In Review 2/28/13

This weeks Spey Nation Week ion review!20140226150730_1961311

1:  We have ordered the Fly Fishing Film Tour tickets and posters.  We are beyond siked about this.  Soon you will be able to add into your spring steelhead trip, a trip to one of our pick-up places, The Tailwater Lodge, Malindas Fly Shop, The Oak Orchard Fly Shop, or All Season’s Sports.

2:  Robin has a review of what happened last Wednesday and Thursday on the Salmon.

3:  We have started to update our list of presentators for June’s Spey Nation Gathering.  We think it’s pretty good.  Some new faces and some returning faces that haven’t been around in a while.

4:  It turned cold again this week.  Seems fishing pressure has been off.  This doesn’t mean the March doldrums have begun, I think that wiser heads are prevailing.  Some fish are still being caught in the DSR.  This is right around the time of year when those first dropbacks begin to show.  It may be early though this year.

5:  I shared this post because I thought it was right on

6:  We have our twitter page active.  You should see it. We have like a million followers

7:  Like Minded Mofo


Spey Nation Presenter Profile

Feb 27, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Nation Presenter  //  Comments Off on Spey Nation Presenter Profile

Another new face at Spey Nation this year!   Spey Casting Instructor Jean-François Lavallée (JF) comes to us from Quebec and is on the Guideline Pro Staff.  We can’t wait to see what he has to say!

Jean-François Lavallée (JF Lavallée)

JF Lavellee Spey Instruction

Jean-François Lavallée (JF), is owner and chief instructor at the Modulus fly fishing school in the greater Montreal region in the province of Quebec.

For the past ten years, JF has dedicated most of his free time to his passion, the learning and teaching of everything surrounding the art of fly fishing. Sole instructor in Quebec certified from both the renowned Joan Wulff school and from the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFC), he also often volunteers time to the local fly fishing clubs.

Silver team medalist at the 2013 Canadian National Fly Fishing Championship (NFFC) in Calgary, JF has been active on the competition scene since 2008 as both competitor and organizer. This contact with the competitive world enables him to exchange and learn with the best anglers in Canada, the US and from Europe.

In parallel, his “corporate coach certification” from the World Association of Business Coaches, allows him to apply professional coaching techniques to his fly fishing instruction methods, in order to maximise their results.

From Quebec to New-Zealand, from trout to salmon, from dry fly fishing to Czech nymphing, where ever he is, JF will enable you through his presentations and his instruction to learn always more about the art of fly fishing, and this, always in a fun and light hearted way!

Courriel :

Site web :

Spey Nation Presenter Profile: Barney Wong

Feb 25, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Spey Nation Presenter, Spey Nation Supporters  //  Comments Off on Spey Nation Presenter Profile: Barney Wong

We are beginning to put the list together of presenters.  We start the series off with a new face.  Spey Nation has been a platform for many first time presenters.  I remember the first Spey Nation had 2 first time presenters.  Nervous faces talking to nervous audiences.  Over the years we have been a spring board to some pretty prominent speakers.  It always makes me smile to see them at events across the country.  Not sure if Barney has done any presentations at other spey claves, if not, we have a new first and we are happy to keep the tradition alive.  This truly is a learning environment for all!

Barny Wong

IMG_0254Barny Wong possesses neither the qualifications as a guide nor an insider in the fly fishing industry. Rather, he solves problems outside the box while always honing his skill in communicating the unspoken that sticks. As an ex- innovation scout for the automotive industry, and currently in the field of consciousness, he brings new thought and insight into why, what, and how we do things.  Barny’s approach to casting is manage the few so as to produce the largest result. In Tao, this is called Action from Non Action. In this Tao of Casting approach, the ever changing Style in casting can always rely on the immovable Substance (Physics), allowing the caster to self organize and evolve to their highest potential. And with this way, the caster nevers fall into a rut as they harness more with each pass of insight and understanding.

Barny Wong has been spey casting since 2007. He is also featured in both Midcurrent and Fly Fisherman magazine. He combines artistry and technical know how into the art of spey casting.

All levels are welcome for casting classes. His website is containing his rates and contact info.

Barny is committed to your developing the sturdiest casting legs in the shortest amount of time.

Barney will also be offering lessons on Sunday after the event.  Please email him directly through his website.

Tip Tuesday

Feb 24, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Casting Tips  //  Comments Off on Tip Tuesday

As a late commer to the week in review We are implementing the other social media trending days of the week.  No Make Up Monday was started yesterday and Throw Back Thursday will be on the way soon but today is Tip Tuesday.  So Here Goes #TipTuesday

In this video Spey Nation perrenial demonstrator and owner of Tight Lines Fly Shop   discusses Reading the Anchor in Spey Casting

Friday 2/21/14 Week in Review

Feb 21, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Friday 2/21/14 Week in Review

Well it’s Friday and I received the notification from the phone, so it’s time for the week in review…already.

1:  This week was pretty whirlwind split in half by the fact that I actually took some time to get out on the water.  The river was low, 285cfs, and clear but I was lucky to find a clean path to the hole with no footprints in the fresh snow that fell the night before.  It was supposed to be warm, and 27 degree start out temps meant no slush to be had this morning.  It would turn out to be a glorious day.  Half way down the run a new fly I tied, it’s design stolen from the folks at, was blistered by a fish that may have been the devil himself.  3 switches of direction and a porpoise that actually happened 10 feet above my skagit head, and he was gone.  The river seemed to be apologetic as if to say:

“I thought you were ready…were you not?  I mean if you’re not ready, it’s not really my fault…Are you okay?  Do you need a minute?”

Soon Robin and Matt showed up to hear my tail.  We had the run to ourselves and we each recieved a few noce grabs.  I dropped a nice steelhead at my feet after getting what I was after from her.  About 6lbs I would gather, and later landed a nicely colored brown of about 22″.  Robin landed a nice steelie and Matt had a few on.  My highlight was that 15 seconds of chaos though…you hook one or two of those a season, and they keep you coming back.  They may not be the largest of the year but they are entertaining for sure.

2:  Speaking of  Robin, As you may have heard, he got his work into this month’s This is Fly.

3:  Some dude won something at Somerset… Didn’t think anybody actually won any of that stuff…

4:  Need any info on Muddlers?  Steelhead love ’em…That’s all you need to know.

5:  Reports from Douglaston have been mixed.  Hey, it’s winter…you need to work at it.  Nobody said this was easy.  Randy said it has been good, and the water is on the rise with the warmup.  Be careful out there.

Dave and I did get the scale out and put some heads on it…but I still have to wrap my head around it.  One thing we did learn is, our rods have bigger grain windows than you think.



Lot’s of great things this month

Feb 17, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo, Spey Nation Supporters  //  Comments Off on Lot’s of great things this month

This is Fly is rocking out in upstate this month with a profile of local tyer Pat Cohen here with pictures from official Nation Photog Guru Robin Hill.  Robin get’s his own spread on page 110 where once again my hands have cameos but my face must be reserved for radio…


 While your over there, there are 2 articles about swinging that are worth checking out too.

Under The Midnight Sun

Feb 14, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Under The Midnight Sun

Under The Midnight Sun from Jesse James on Vimeo.

Everyone else is doing it…

Feb 14, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Everyone else is doing it…

Seems like everyone else has a Friday Week in Review so not to feel left out and outdone,

Here is a new feature on the blog.  This might be a bit of month/year in review but I just put this in my calendar to prompt me to look at every Friday morning.

1:  First some news from us….We have officially joined the list as a venue for the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  Our official event page is here. It’s all set except for everything I have to do to make it official. ie: print tickets/posters and mail them out to the places where you guys can pick them up.


2: The guys at Salmon River Spey seem genuinely concerned about the state of our feet in the winter.  I know I have switched over to boot foots and have been much happier.  If you can just get past the old “Only Snaggers Wear Bootfoots’ stigma…you’ll be much happier too.

3:  Robin has a review of our most recent trip to The Nation.  Spoiler Alert….I actually connect with a real live steelhead!

4:  The DSR Seems to be recieving fresh fish lately…good for us, there should be an influx of egg laden females right now…

5:  It’s been cold.

6:  Damn Cold

7:  The Fish Creek Guys are planning to make the trip to Maine this year to pick up the eggs as soon as we are notified that they are ready,

So that’s what’s happening in our little Nation.  Tune in next week when Dave and I weigh some scandi heads on a scale stolen from the mail room at work.  Witness us try to use google’s conversion tables to convert grams to grains and figure out what that means to the jumbled mess of unmarked heads in the top drawer of my desk!



River of Hope

Feb 5, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on River of Hope

River of Hope “The Wild Reverence Sessions” from North Fork Studios on Vimeo.

Making the rounds

Feb 3, 2014   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Like Minded Mofos, Mojo  //  Comments Off on Making the rounds

This picture has been liked, shared, and commented on – on facebook for a week now and keeps popping on my news feed every several hours.  Makes me smile every time…perennial Nation goer Rick Kustich sporting the latest in cold weather beanie fashion.


This is what Rick had to say

Wore the hat of a lifetime last week fishing with Blane Chocklett and New Angle Fishing Co. Incredible experience – thanks again Spey Nation!.

Of course, this is what Rick really said

Caught the fish of a lifetime last week fishing with Blane Chocklett and New Angle Fishing Co. Incredible experience – thanks again brother Blane. — with Blane Chocklett.





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