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Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club News

Sep 27, 2013   //   by Geoff Schaake   //   Cack Handed, Environmental Stuff, Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club Minutes  //  Comments Off on Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club News
Our president, Jim Lawler, and several of our Board members visited the Adirondack Hatchery near Lake Clear, New York, in order to learn more about the installation and operation of fish egg incubators. We also learned more about the water temperature and flow rates that are used there.   We have 2 incubators which were donated to our club by the Adirondack hatchery and we plan to start using one of them this coming year.  The Adirondack hatchery is dedicated to raising only Atlantic salmon, over one million per year, and we found out that the hatchery is changing over to Sebago strain of Atlantics.  Their fish are stocked throughout New York State.
Tom Schneider has made arrangements for getting a re-supply of Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club logo t-shirts and these will go on sale starting this weekend.  Thanks, Tom.
Jim Lawler is fabricating new windows to cover the screen windows of our hatchery.
Our members, Jim Lawler, Ted Collins and Arley Morey set up and manned our booth at the Beaver Lake Fall Festival this month.  Paul Miller, Tom Schneider and Joan Schneider set up and manned our booth at the Great Swamp Conservancy Fall Migration Festival.  Club membership forms and information about our club were presented.  Saturday, Sept. 28th, Jim Lawler, Gene Carey  and Tom Schneider will be setting up and manning our booth at the Annual Sportsman’s Day at the Altmar Hatchery.
Our Club has agreed to participate in the Salmon and Trout in the Classroom being set up at the Camden Central School along with Trout Unlimited State and local groups.  This is a program that is set up following the National Trout in the Classroom guidelines.  Paul Miller is our leader in this effort.
We are planning to meet at our hatchery on Saturday, October 5th, to set up the incubator and get the hatchery prepared for operation.
Jim Lawler will keep in touch with the Adirondack Hatchery and let us know when they plan to strip eggs in early November.  They could use some volunteers to  help and it would be a great opportunity for some of our members to learn more about that operation.
Our next Board meeting will be Thursday, October 24th, at 7 PM at the Camden Rod and Gun Club.
Respectfully submitted,
Arley Morey,  Club Secretary:-)

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