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Join us June 24, 2017 at the Pineville Boat Launch on the Salmon River in New York State for our 10th gathering of Spey Nation! We love steelhead rivers, and we want them to be the best they can be. People who belong to Spey Nation talk about concepts like streamside etiquette, conservation, returning Atlantic Salmon to historical watersheds, and angler rotation…and we share our knowledge to everyone who listens on this special day. Spey Nation is a spey clave that offers the unique opportunity for enthusiasts and manufacturers of 2 handed rods to gather in a streamside setting and it lives through our actions.

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Display a booth Free!  Are you a spey/salmon or steelhead oriented company?  Do you want the opportunity to interact with the Spey Fishing Community of the Northeast?  You NEED to be at Spey Nation!   It’s Free!  W’ell Even Buy You Lunch!

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Spey Nation celebrates the emerging 2-handed rod culture in the Great Lakes Fishery offering the unique opportunity for enthusiasts and manufacturers to gather in a streamside setting.  Spey Nation features a full BBQ, raffles, “On the water” demonstrations, and interaction with some of the biggest names in 2 handed casting from the East and West Coasts.
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